Well, I am glad you asked this question! Well, you didn't really... eh... whatever.

Anyways, you're probably still reading this because you want to know what squads are. Or squids. Whatever. Let's talk about the first one.

Squads are groups of wikians who band together to create works of art through fan fiction. Whether if you want to design a new game, a new animation series, a weird japanese style manga about Red and Chuck getting married, you name it- you're gonna need a team.

Note that the below things are not nessecary to have a squad, but suggested.

This what is recommended for a squad.

  • A leader, to guide the group and to introduce/plan the new ideas.
  • The designers, who create images/animation of whatever you're doing. Unless you're writing of course, which involves...
  • The writer, the dude or dudette creating the script, writing piece, dialouge boxes, etc. etc.
  • The manager/agent. Basically, the guy who's gonna get your idea out there.

This is what you should have in a good, stablized squad (Keep it clean, everybody):

  • A catchy name!
  • A logo
  • A catchphrase.