Edward is a yellow green bird that first appeared in AB Stella. 


He has a Faux Hawk on the front and is yellow green. He is a boxer except he dosen't box, he kicks. He is a jolly bird that think that he is boxing except that he kicks everyone. His eyes, tail and beak resemble Luca hence why he is Luca's cousin.


Name: Edward

Known Aliases: Incorrect Boxer

Group Affiliation: Stella Flock

Friends: Luca (Mostly), Stella, Poppy, Willow, Dahlia

Possible Family: Luca (Luca's Lost Cousin)

Voiced by: Unknown


He is one year older than Red and is a lot agressive like Red. He likes to fish and marks them in his notebook. In the episode, "A Bigger Surprise" he catches the largest fish ever in his records. When he is playful, he always makes trouble come. For the fact that he kicks, he can punch when protecting his friends. He is Luca's cousin, being the Green Jay. He is slightly bigger than Gale, making him the biggest of the friends. He his agressive if he has to share or if someone comes in his treehouse without knocking, he yells at them. He dosen't like to share with anyone except Luca and Stella.



He treats Stella with a lot of care. He treats Stella as his young sister and only shares with her.


He dosen't like to prank others unlike Poppy, but plays the drums with her at noon everyday. They also box together except since he does it wrong, Poppy slips on a bar of soap as seen in an episode.


Since Luca is his cousin, they play a lot together and love to play with cars and takes good cares of him. He treats Luca as his own son. Luca feels very happy when with Edward.






Edwards treats Gale as an enemy. He uses his true boxing skills to get rid of Gale's crown forever except it dosen't happen. Though, he once tried to make Gale's crown fall off in the river. THis is because Gale trapped him in a cage when he went fishing.


Edward's punch can knock down wood and stone and destroy glass. In the game, he costs 100 COins being more than Stella, Dahlia and Gale.


He punches the target when the player presses and rushes right towards the directed target. This may resemble the podracer in Angry Birds Star Wars 2 except that the podracer dosen't knock the target and then rushes to it. If not aimed at a target, it will punch the air and punch its self back turning it to a corpse.