Squads are groups of Wikia Users who band together to create fan fiction material, such as theories, reviews, pieces of writing, comics, fan-made games, and other types of media.

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Rules Regarding a Squad

  • You can only join one squad.
  • Squads must consist of at least 3 people. If there are only two, you may call it a partnership.
  • If you create inappropriate material, members responsible will be warned, and if continued blocked. The Squad will also immediately be removed if all users are responsible.
  • No plagiarism, or using the likeliness of anything in another person's squad without permission.
  • There can only be one leader.
  • People are permitted to take up multiple roles.
  • Even though Leaders are Leaders, they still must use polls regarding various things such as adding members, removing members, etc.

List of Squads in the Angry Birds Hub Wiki

If you want your squad to be added onto the list, please ask a staff member.